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9/21/17 // Week of 09/21/17

Oumou Sangaré’s voice is a soulful joy, soaring to high notes and resounding with a husky richness! Enjoy Jose Marquez’s remix of her track! | listen

9/14/17 // Week of 09/14/17

After 2 hip hop oriented albums, the A.L.V.O. returns to its beloved orchestral madness w/ their album “Morpheus” Enjoy “Super Dopamine!” | listen

9/7/17 // Week of 09/07/17

In “Race Hustle,” by C.A.P., an overwhelming atmosphere of urban struggle rises from chanting protestors introducing the song! | listen

8/31/17 // Week of 08/31/17

The 4 tracks from Gumz’ EP ‘Mwalimu,’ which is the Swahili word for teacher, feels like a soul searching experience provided by each track! | listen

8/24/17 // Week of 08/24/17

The Shtoompah remix of ‘Everything Scatter’ by Fela Kuti has some haunting voodoo sounds of Fela for the new millennium! | listen

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