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10/16/17 // Heavy bass, huge sounds, and happy melodies

This one is ridiculous! Heavy bass, huge sounds, and happy melodies...all for you :) Featuring new tracks from Tipper,Iglooghost and a completely alien track from Otto Von Schirach and Qebrus. You are warned. This is the glitch//idm show!!! | listen

9/4/17 // Week of 09/04/17

Glitch is the name of the game this week! We go hard with tracks from Arca, Monster X, Autechre, and always more! So let's get weird as hell, right here on the glitch//idm show! | listen

8/21/17 // Week of 08/21/17

Getting funky, geeky and a little bit cheeky on this one! Featuring tracks from Bibio, Jamie Lidell, Com Truise and more, MoRe, MORE!!! Right here on the glitch//idm show. | listen

7/24/17 // Week of 07/24/17

I think you're going to love this one!!! New tracks this week from Freeform, Eva Schlegel, and Legiac. In addition to that we serve up an exquisite plate of classics and such, all right here in the glitch//idm show!!! | listen

7/3/17 // Week of 07/03/17

You're going to love this one!!! Featuring tracks from Tim Exile, Nicolas Jaar, Phonem, and the rest of the IDM elite. So here we go... this is the glitch//idm show! | listen

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