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5/22/17 // Week of 05/22/17

Another awesome this week! Featuring tracks from Floating Points, Clark, Psymun and the best of the rest... So let's do this--- The glitch//IDM show!!! | listen

3/20/17 // Week of 03/20/17

Another awesome and weird show this week! Featuring new tracks from Nathan Fake, Roel Funcken, Herva, and always a ton more. So come on and let's go with the glitch//idm show! | listen

1/16/17 // Week of 01/16/17

Another ridiculous, outlandish, and obsurd show; with tracks from Atom tm, Valance Drakes, Jon Hopkins and always more, more, more! So let's get into the glitch right here... | listen

12/12/16 // Week of 12/12/16

The Glitch//IDM show is going 8 years strong this week, so in honor we are celebrating with a super Chill show. So put on your ambient hats and find somewhere comfortable to lie down. let's do this. | listen

12/5/16 // Week of 12/05/16

Back again! The Glitch//IDM show is getting so funky and so fresh this week with tracks from Tokimonsta, Com Truise, Nicolas Jaar and always the most more!!! Chill out and turn up/// | listen

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