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11/18/14 // Art Uncovered

Photographer Liz Nielsen works in a room above a boxing gym that is just as much a laboratory as it is an artist's studio. The room is filled with colored gels, fiber optic lights, stacks of photo paper and a box with a label that says "disco balls and rainbow machine." These items and more are what… | listen

9/2/14 // Art Uncovered

Phyllis Baldino is a video artist based in Brooklyn. In her videos and photographs Baldino explores scientific phenomenon like multiple dimensions and the end of the world as well as issues of privacy and technology | listen

9/10/13 // Art Uncovered

This week on the program, painter Brandon Schreck. He talks about getting into painting later in life, the influence of music on his artwork, and why he's attracted to abstract painting. | listen

1/29/13 // Art Uncovered - Phyllis Baldino

Phyllis Baldino is a video artist based in Brooklyn, New York. In her latest exhibition, Baldino brings together pieces that explore her career-long interest in scientific phenomenon. From the multiple dimensions inhabited by sub-atomic particles, to the end of the world and issues of privacy and… | listen

12/18/12 // Art Uncovered - Luftraum

For more than 10 years German artist Bjoern Schulke has been making interactive kinetic sculptures. His works bring together steel, wood, lights, motors, electronic sensors, solar panels and even theremins into machines that move, see and make noise all on their own. | listen

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