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8/11/17 // Meet Heavy Metal Healthcare Advocate Tim Faust

Faust's talks are generous in details about the failures underpinning America’s health care system. But they’re also engaging, funny and driven by urgent moral clarity. | read

8/3/17 // The 'Death Wish' Remake Will be Trump’s Favorite Movie

Eli Roth and Bruce Willis have made the perfect movie for whiny old white men with their remake of Death Wish. | read

7/24/17 // More Like Ready Player Dumb

Imagine a Reddit comment stretched to 300 pages and you’ll have a good idea of how Ready Player One plays out as a book. The movie trailer is just excruciating. | read

7/8/17 // A Reminder That Pacino Wasn’t Always Terrible

The Film Forum's look at grimy New York '70s cinema unearths a lost treasure: Pacino when he could act. | read

7/5/17 // Christie at the Beach Meme Saves Fourth of July

Christie and company had a whale of a time on the beach outside the governor’s summer mansion. The image of the combative and disliked governor spread through social media and was hilariously repurposed in a stream of ‘shopped images. | read

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