About BTRtoday

BTRtoday is a media platform that offers on-demand podcast, video, and editorial content. It features a mix of the best rising and established musical artists and performers as well as diverse cultural and current events coverage.

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About BTRlisten

In today’s overly saturated market, it can be difficult for listeners to find what speaks to them. BTRlisten has the solution: on-demand and on-the-go access to independent music from an expansive and diverse pool of genres, including music recorded exclusively for our listeners in live studio sessions as well as a variety of talk and comedy programming.

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About BTRread

The BTRread editorial team brings you daily content that delves into culture, news, technology, lifestyle, food, and music features. The team shares snapshots of events, locales, and scenery that epitomize the indie lifestyle.

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About BTRtv

The BTRtv production team brings you multiple ongoing video series featuring on-the-rise musicians of all genres, the culture and events of the day, and comedy that runs the gamut from vaudevillian to alt and satire.

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